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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious what questions other employees are asking? See below for examples.

Q. When am I eligible for benefits?
Eligible employees include any individual employed in a position classified as Regular Full-Time (40 - 53 hours per workweek) or Regular Part-Time (30 - less than 40 hours per workweek). Individuals classified as Part-Time (less than 30 hours per week), Seasonal, Variable, On-Call, or Elected are not eligible for most benefits. 

Eligible Dependents include the following: 
•    Your spouse (including those defined as common-law, and same-sex legally married) 
•    Children under the age of 26 (yours or your spouse’s) 
•    Dependent children of any age who are handicapped or totally disabled 
•    Children under your legal guardianship 

When adding dependents, supporting documents may be required to prove dependency. A list of acceptable dependent documents can be obtained by contacting the City’s Human Resources department.

Q. When can I make changes to my benefits?
You can make changes to your benefit each year during the annual Open Enrollment process.  Changes take effect the following January 1st. 

Once you make your benefit elections, these choices remain in effect until the next annual Open Enrollment unless you have a qualified status change or you or your eligible dependents become eligible for coverage through special enrollment rules.
If you have a qualified status change or you have another allowable event, you can make certain changes during the plan year. However, you must make your enrollment change within 30 days of the event.  Please contact Human Resources for additional information.
Qualified status changes include, but are not limited to:
•    Change in number of eligible dependents due to birth, adoption, placement for adoption or death
•    Gain or loss of dependent status (i.e., your child reaches the age limit for eligibility)
•    Change in legal marital status, including marriage, divorce, or death of a spouse
•    Change in residence or workplace that changes your or your dependent’s eligibility for coverage
•    Change in employment status, such as starting or ending employment, for you, your spouse or your children
•    End of the maximum period for COBRA coverage

For a more complete list of qualified status changes, please contact Human Resources. 

Q. Can I cancel my benefits at any time?
No, you will not be able to change elections until the next open enrollment period, unless you have a Qualifying Life Event.

Q. How do I find an in-network provider?
Click one of the links below to find a provider in your area:
Find a Blue Cross Blue Shield Doctor or Hospital: 
Find a Delta Dental Dentist: 
Find a Superior Vision Eye Doctor: 

Q. How do I file a claim for one of my voluntary benefits?

There is one claim form that can be used for the Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity Plans.  There is also a flyer that walks you through the claim filing process here.  Note that a separate Health Screening Form is needed to file the health screening benefit that is available under the voluntary Accident & Critical Illness plans.

Accident Claim: Hartford will ask for information from you and your doctor about the specific accident and the treatment provided. Please complete and sign all forms. Missing information or signatures can delay your claim.

Critical Illness: If you have a diagnosis after the effective date of the coverage, you may file a claim with the Hartford. They will ask for your information from you and your doctor about your medical condition.  Please complete and sign all forms. Missing information or signatures can delay your claim. 

Hospital Indemnity: This plan pays a cash benefit if you or a covered dependent are confined to the hospital due a covered illness or injury.  The Hartford will ask for information from you and your doctor about the hospitalization.  Please complete and sign all forms. Missing information or signatures can delay your claim. 

Q: Can I receive benefits for more than one critical illness? 

Yes; However, there must be at least three consecutive months between diagnosis dates. You can only claim benefits once for each covered condition unless a recurrence benefit is payable. 

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